Friends of the Theatre Arts Guild

Thank you to the many contributors that supported TAG through the Pandemic and continue to show their support as we renew our mission. We appreciate all that you do for us!


Lorne & Marilyn Abramson
Shelly Abramson
George Archibald
Margaret Ardenne
Margaret Bayer & Andrew Harvey
Sandra Bessonette
Graeme Bethune
Judith Bhandari
Henry Bird
Judith Bird
Elizabeth Boudreau
Donna Bourne-Tyson
Carolyn Boyer
Jim & Debbie Breeze
Ronald Buckley
Kayleigh Butler
Dr Stephen Brayton
Vivien Broomfield
Michelle Cannell
Elaine Casey
Patrick Charron
Peter Conrod
Sandy Cook
Greg & Louise Corbett
Jocelyn Covert
Matthew Cristoferi
Davena Davis
Stephanie Demedeiros Ouedraogo
Mario DeMello
Joanne Deturbide
Valerie Dubois
Dianne Edwards
Volker Eichhorn
Laura Elliot
Neil Erickson
Ray Fernandes
Thom Fitzgerald
Una Flood
Curtis Frye
Nona Fuller
Jacquelyn Good
Helen Goodwin
Paul Green
Paul Green & Lori Scott
Janet Gutierrez
Mary Haldane
Anne Hanlon
Judith Hare
Kristie Hawkey
Sherry Hayter
Roy Hayward
Jocelyne Hellou & Alexander Hay

Michelle Herx
Andrea Hilson
Stuart Hiseler
Peter & Diana Hull
Nick Jupp
Elaine Kahn
Sheila & Hugh Kindred
Tina Kirkham
Jan Sheppard Kutcher
Anne Law
Joshua Law
Jocelyn LeBlanc
Linda Levin
David Lewis
Peter Lewis
Denis & Denise Linton
Ken MacInnis
Calum MacLean
Peggy and Dave MacLean
Frank MacLean
Val MacKenzie
John H MacManus
Aileen E Mair
Tony Marshall
Mary Martin
Barry Marvel
Vivien Marvel
Agnes McLean
Duncan Miller
Laura Newton Miller
Alan North
Cathryn Moore
Michele Moore
Brad Morrison
Chris & Patti Morse
Jim and Rhonda Musgrave
Alan North
Gisela O'Brien
Peter & Mary Ellen Onno
Roberta Palmer
Elizabeth Pass
Jolene Pattison
Debora Pollock

Ed Raine
Judith & Austin Reade
David Redman
Philip Reid
Louise Renault
Stephen Roberts
Jennifer Robbins
Terry Robbins
Judith Robertson
Colleen Sampson
Michael Shaye
Iris Shea
Glenda Sherwood
Carol Sinclair
Kathleen Smith
Tamara Smith
Rayna Smith-Camp
Nena Snyder
Kathy Spencer
Robert Stoddard
Louise Stringer-Warren
Leonard Sweett
Michael Taylor
Audrey Tenniswood
Cheryl Theriault
Brenda Tyedmers
Ralph Urquhart
Bryan Utas
Bill VanGorder
Elizabeth VanGorder
Hugh Vincent
Peeranut Visetsuth
Jim Warren
Jan Weber
Maureen Weidman
Kyly Whitfield
Deborah Wiggins
Ifan Williams
Nancy Wright
Janet Young
MRC Associates

Last updated Ju,y 6, 2024

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